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Cookie Lee Jewelry Catalog - Vivi Catalog

Cookie Lee catalog has changed into Vivi Catalog. It is an exceptional place to begin your quest for beautiful jewelry. Specializing in the concept of women helping women, Cookie Lee - Vivi quickly becomes the place for independence to begin, by hosting a show or becoming a consultant. Their catalog includes beautifully crafted jewelry that will captivate everyone with a fashionista style of exquisite pieces, befitting even the most budget conscious shopper.

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Cookie Lee has jewelry that's lady-like chic using natural elements with a parisian influence. Affordable and stylish jewelry that covers a wide variety of styles.

On page 10 Lady-Like Chic: Whether she's at the office or out to lunch, today's lady accessorizes with cascading jewel necklaces, chic hoop earrings and crystal accents. Regal refinement often sets the tone for the classic style, drawing inspiration from modern-day royalty.

On page 8 Natural Elements: This trend combines cool colors, exotic designs, handcrafted details and natural shell to evoke a look that's both polished and laid back.

On page 22 Parisian Influence: Timeless style inspired by one of the most fashionable cities in the world - Paris, France. Parisianne accents have an essence of old world charm with high-fashion appeal. Throw on some vintage charms, hammered bangles and smoky facets for all-out French flair.