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October 26, 2006

Digital catalogs reach Internet shoppers through
Published by FlipSeek - Cleveland, Ohio

DM News Article
November 22, 2006 catalogs online catalogs
Nothing slices and dices information like the Internet. Take, for example, the Web site, which is a directory of online catalogs. The site unites information already available to consumers via mail -- if they're willing to wait for mail delivery -- and on a retailer's Web site, if they can find the online catalog.
By Chantal Tode

Internet Retailer
January 2, 2007

Saving the Trees
E-catalogs vie for online space with new imaging and shopping features
By Elizabeth Gardner

January 8, 2008

FlipSeek LLC Helps Online Videos Get Interactive Facelift...
Get ready - online video is about to undergo a dramatic facelift that viewers will not only be able to see, but touch
Published by FlipSeek

Internet Retailer
January 10, 2008

Click on an interactive video to purchase what is featured
Interactive video company FlipSeek has released an application that allows consumers to click on an item inside an online video to make a purchase.
By Paul Demery

Kissmetrics Blog

Can Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates?
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could very well be worth a thousand sales.
By Sherice Jacob

Entrepreneur Magazine
April 9, 2012

Six Ideas for Finding New Sales Leads
By Ann Handley

Q-and-A Times Journal
November 1, 2012

Setting Up Your E-Business - series
I came upon an interesting new service for online sellers the other day.
By Amal Xavier

VWO Blog
May 21, 2013

How to Use Videos to Improve Conversion Rate of Your Website
If you consider it, theres not much of a difference between online dating and browsing through a website.
By Smriti Chawla

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