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Crate & Barrel Catalog

Crate & Barrel catalog will provide you with hours of shopping for everything you could need for your home. From furniture and small appliances to holiday decor, the Crate & Barrel catalog has a large selection to choose from. Peruse our catalog for great gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Crate & Barrel is excited to share their new holiday book with you. The pages inside not only guide you through the new collection, but are a celebration of the experiences Crate employees have shared in their homes at this special time of year.

They took inspiration from their own lives - from childhood traditions they grew up with to new rituals created with families and friends. These homecomings, these afternoons spent baking with daughters, these potluck dinners with friends... they can make you feel at home, connected, content.

Page 13 shows some old world traditional pieces. Harkening back to old world appreciation for handcraftsmanship and the natural beauty of fine wood, these modern-day Natural Nutcrackers are created exclusively by artisans in the mountainous Erzgebirge region of Germany, where wooden toy making has been a family livelihood since 1700.

Page 44 brings you wonderful holiday decorations for the season. A little bit of magic to adorn the Christmas tree, to add sparkle to gifts, to collect over the years.

This is a great holiday catalog for home decor, cooking in the kitchen, and sprucing up the house for the holidays. Enjoy.

Catalog Review... Crate & Barrel Early Fall Inspiration

Like always, Crate & Barrel's front cover looks crisp, clean and sharp. Items neatly layed out and in some way just makes you want to look inside and see what they are selling. One thing I didn't get was the color selection for the front cover pieces. This is a fall inspiration catalog, but the items are all the color black. Not so autumn-like... I was looking to be inspired with oranges, browns and reds.

As I wander through the catalog, the beautiful photo layouts including their merchandise does attract my attention. I seem to look longer and with more attention to items because of the great photo spreads. But again, my eyes and brain are not on the same page because brain is saying "where's the fall colors" and my eyes are showing these blacks, greys and some other dull colors. Little confusing.

But all in all, ignoring my pickyness of color selections, I really do like the merchandise in this catalog. Great selection of high quality items with great styling.