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Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog

Hammacher Schlemmer catalog has established its niche specializing in items that are considered the best in their category, one of a kind, or surprisingly different. Items featured in its popular catalog range from electronics, men and women's apparel, home decor and outdoor accessories to sports and leisure, toys, personal care, travel and holiday oriented gift items.

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Hammacher offers unique and unexpected gifts for that person who's so hard to buy for. Even Santa doesn't know what to get them... but Hammacher Schlemmer can assist with that perfect gift.

Inside cover shows a great and useful gift for that person who has tons of home movies still held hostage on VHS tapes. It's the VHS to DVD converter which preserves your memories by transferring them over to DVD with a touch of a button. It also plays VHS or DVDs so it's multi-purpose.

Page 10 has a 50foot snowball launcher which is perfect for those outdoor kids or the kid-at-heart. If I had one of these I'd be blasting the whole neighborhood. Or for something a little more useful, how about the wind defying packable umbrella. This umbrella resists up to 35 mph wind gusts, which turn most umbrellas inside-out.

I could go on and on with the cool gadgets and unique gifts inside the Hammacher catalog... but instead I'll let you browse through it yourself and enjoy.