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Mary Kay Catalog

Mary Kay catalog features cosmetic and skin-care products for all women. Products range from eyeshadows to body lotion to nail polish and the best thing about the Mary Kay company is that their sales representatives are everyday women who have chosen to make their own money and run their own businesses by selling Mary Kay products.

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New in this Mary Kay beauty catalog is the TimeWise Repair skin regimen. It helps you fight the signs of advanced skin aging. Well, at least we hope it does, because we're getting older every day.

They say you'll go back in time and lift the years away. It reduces the look of deep lines and wrinkles, restores lifted contours, and recaptures youthful volume.

On page 10 Mary has the Limited Edition Hollywood Mystique Collection. Inspired by the mysterious allure of Hollywood's most glamorous icons, this trend brings out the star power in every women.

You can pair bold lips with well-defined monochromatic eyes - the contrast of vibrant shades against a nude face is a simple-but-chic way to get the starlet style at home.

Mary Kay always has the most advanced beauty items and seems to keep coming out with more glamorous makeup.