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Pat Catans Catalog

Pat Catans catalog is filled with exciting craft supplies that can be used for all of your project throughout the year. You can find everything you need to create beautiful Christmas packages, and small accessories for things like school projects are plentiful. Material to make new curtains is also available in a variety of prints in Pat Catans catalog.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

These September circulars are all about embracing Fall and Halloween. Stocked with Fall decor and fun Halloween decorations, I'm sure you'll see something that catches your eye.

Halloween on page 1 shows you an 8ft tall hanging ghost for only $5 as well as a 60inch big black spider going for $10. The kids will enjoy those cute guys.

Page 2 brings Halloween drip candles for spooky candle arrangements... only $2. Spiced pumpkin paper sachets, non-wooven bags for collecting candy, 14inch wood skeleton and 60inch witch broom are also available.

Wrapping up the promo piece is that on Saturday, Sept 22, they are having a make a Fall pumpkin or bandana ghost event as well as Sept 29 is a Halloween wooden mask event for the kids.