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Pier 1 Catalog

Pier 1 catalog is destination number one for unique gift items in housewares, jewelry, crafts, and so much more. Shop and save on fabulous items and collections from around the world and rack up additional impressive savings with the Pier 1 Imports card. In addition, be sure to check the Pier 1 catalog for new arrivals and specially marked clearance items.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Autumn is here and the Pier 1 Fall catalog is bringing to the stage some nice looking pieces for the home. The furniture items on the front cover look stylish and the colors fit the season to a tee.

The first 20 or so pages show some great decor items as well as cozy, comfortable furniture. Makes you want to snug up on your big soft couch, read a book, and stay warm by the fire. The colors they show in this catalog really scream autumn and make you wish for those leaves to start falling.

Page 28 starts into the Halloween section of the catalog. Now I've never been one for Halloween decor, mainly because I think it looks cheesy, cheap and plasticy (if thats a word)... but if you like it Pier 1 does showcase some cute little pieces.

Overall, this Fall catalog shows some great looking home decor pieces to Autumn-up the house. Stylish furniture, rugs, and more... and if I was going to make new home purchases this Fall, I'd highly consider buying from Pier 1.