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Saks Fifth Avenue Catalog

Saks Fifth Avenue catalog is a well-known resource for purveyors of luxury goods. At Saks you can find an impressive array of designer brands such as Fendi, Manolo Blahnik and Yves Saint Laurent. The Saks Fifth Avenue catalog is vital for the style-conscious. Products include classic styles and recent runway trends.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

So the good things... it's Saks so the products are high end and incredible. The bad things... the cover is boring, bland, and just black (stirs no interest or emotion) and the tiny size of this digital catalog is incredibly annoying and makes it hard to browse and enjoy.

The styles in this catalog definitely hit the season with the right look, feel and color combinations. As for the outfits themselves.. many were on point and looked good, while some where just a little out there and I don't see anyone really buying them or wearing them.

It's a short catalog with only about 26 pages of product, but it packs a decent enough punch where browsers can enjoy and most likely find something they'll want in their closet.

If you're looking for much more merchandise to sift through with many more styles and beautiful photography... look at Saks' 2012 September Fashion catalog. Much much more to see.