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Skymall Catalog

SkyMall catalog allows shoppers to purchase from SkyMall's extensive inventory without setting foot on a plane. Well-respected amongst the travel-savvy, SkyMall features innovative and high-end merchandise in a variety of categories such as apparel, home living, electronics and gifts. Whether you are looking for an executive gift or a pair of headphones, the SkyMall catalog has it all.

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Catalog Review... most recent FlipSeek review

Starting with the cover, it's ok but the wind art item doesn't really stike a chord with me. With some of the cool products they carry you'd think they'd stick something that really captures my attention on the cover.

Wow, page 14. I see some type of space helmet on a guys head. It's the SomaWave Helmet and it melts away stress and tension. It's like having thousands of tiny fingers stimulate your scalp, at least that's what they say. Now we all need to buy this winner.

Something we all could use is on page 26 (if it works). The UV shoe deoderizer. You might think your feet/shoes don't stink, but trust me, we all sweat in our shoes so they all get nasty odors. If this works, that would be a nice item to have handy each night.

On page 47 from Improvements I see recessed light covers for those boring or ugly white canned lights in your house. These just snap on and to be honest, look pretty decent for a light cover.

Many different products in Skymall, some good, some bad, and some are just plain wierd..